The story of NH3 starts in August 2002 in the district Villa San Martino in Pesaro. The friendship that bonds the historic nucleus of the band dates back to many years before and the passion for the music helps the guys to harmonize what will become the definitive and current formation.

Bleachers and sports arena, the love for the roots of their working-class district, the ideals of “united we stand” and of anti-racism/anti-fascism shape the nature of the band from the beginning.

The friendship follows their artistic, spiritual and human growth and the guys discover their more combat and militant side. Difficult lives and fragile moments give to the Combo from Pesaro that extra oomph to react and to settle that enthusiasm and determination that characterize every live. The enthusiasm and the grit increase, and so does the desire to shout for your ideals. With the experience, humility, and the influence of the places that NH3s frequented.


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